Zinc Dipping

Zinc dipping means that steel is preliminarily treated (degreased) and alloyed by dipping to liquid zinc melt and it is coated with zinc. The zinc coat makes an alloy with the steel. It is inseparably connected with the steel and so it is suitable for all and any internal and external surfaces. The resistance of zinc coating depends on conditions it faces. It reaches the time of 20 up to 40 years, depending on environment and atmosphere conditions.


Zinc dipping is the best system for steel protection against corrosion. It offers a large number of real advantages that should be known to any client. It is:

  • durable
  • resistant
  • maintenance free
  • cathode protected
  • time-saving
  • reliable
  • favourable price
  • optimal, even in cavities and on edges
  • easily controllable
  • good looking and environment friendly

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