Decorative chrome plating and consequent anaphoretic varnishing

The technology of decorative processing of parts surfaces uses galvanic glossy nickel plating and consequent application of anaphoretic colourless water-soluble varnish ALBRIFIN S, that can be coloured in such a way so as to reach appearance of brass (Ms), gold (Au), copper (Cu), black nickel (Ni) or some other transparent colour.

Brass plated fittings:

The following layers are then consequently applied to metal surface within technological process in one automatic line:

  • basic metal – raw or mechanically treated (by grinding, blasting, polishing – depending on level of gloss required for the final appearance)
  • pre-nickel plating – layer of 3 up to 10 microns
  • glossy copper plating (acid) – layer of 14 up to 18 microns
  • decorative nickel plating – layer of 4 up to 6 microns
  • anaphoretic varnishing– layer of 6 up to 10 microns – colouring to required tint
  • varnish baking at 150 up to 160 °C for the time of 30 minutes

The advantages of the technology are as follows:

  • very good corrosion resistance of the galvanic base layer and decorative varnish
  • excellent adhesion in cross hatch test according to ISO 2409  test
  • keeping the tint in case of more component of one set
  • very good resistance to sweat, cosmetics and chemicals (detergents, petrol, acetone, etc.)
  • excellent resistance to abrasion – resistance to boiling water
  • there are not developed drops and curtains
  • the products are not touched by a human hand in the course of the whole processing – it is not necessary to re-hang parts 
more perfect base (guaranteeing better adhesion) for possible additional (partial) re-spraying with synthetic or stove enamels

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