Decorative chrome plating

We perform plating with any system of anti-corrosion coats with high corrosion resistance. We apply to basic material of iron, steel (except for stainless steel), alloy of copper, zinc and with some part of Cu even aluminium. Preparation of material by grinding, brushing, polishing (all of that based on agreement with the client). DCr is a combination of multi-layer coat, consisting of:

  • Cu coat of alkaline bath 5 – 8 µm (copper pre-plating)
  • Cu coat of glossy acid bath 10 – 15 µm (copper plating)
  • Ni semi-glossy acid bath 10 – 15 µm (semi-glossy nickel plating)
  • Ni coat of glossy acid bath 5 – 10 µm (glossy nickel plating)
  • Cr coat of glossy decorative bath 0,3 – 1 µm (chrome plating)

Respectively other combinations of above stated coats corresponding to electrolytically excluded coats NICKEL – CHROME and COPPER – NICKEL – CHROME according to ČSN EN 12540.

Maximal dimensions of electroplated parts: 2000 x 1000 x 250 mm.

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