Stainless steel materials with surface treatment finished by polishing and nitride plating

An ultra-thin layer of titanium nitride created by PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) deposition technology is characterised by hardness, resistance to abrasion, chemical resistance as well as safety for health. Thanks to the shine and colour of the surface, this method can be used for "gold or silver plating" of metal surfaces as well as surfaces of glass, ceramic and some plastic materials. Thanks to its characteristics it is also used for plating of machining tools, which significantly increases their service life, it can be used for example for articular substitutes in medicine or in electrotechnics.


The product surface must be prepared in advance, thoroughly cleaned and de-greased. A layer of titanium nitride is applied in vacuum chamber using plasma and reactive gas – the layer is thin (circa 3 – 5 micron).

What do we offer

Using our device, we are able to apply decorative coats of titanium and titanium nitride in colour tints of titanium silver, brass, golden, copper up to metal violet. We also prepare an offer for application of a coat of zirconium and zirconium nitride – their characteristics are better than the characteristics of titanium nitride.
It is even harder, more resistant and golden tint is hard to distinguish from genuine gold. The size of the device allows application of coats with surface dimensions up to 1700mm x 800mm.

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